Fred Montone Photography | About
What started as a hobby has grown into my life’s work.

I’d like to share my story with you….

I have had an interest in photography from as early as I remember, but never pursued it. One day I was browsing books in a very large retail bookseller, whose store smells like coffee and dead trees, and my whole life changed.

I happened upon a book with images from a local abandoned hospital, with a very sordid past.

I was in awe.

These eerie images spoke to me, but I wouldn’t truly realize their impact until years later.
Those photographs became a turning point in my life, the motivation to take a lingering interest and turn it into the pursuit of a craft.

Now, several years later, I’m still amazed at the impact those images had on me. It’s taken me to places I never imaged and created a passion that has become part of me.

-Fred Montone